How big is our God?

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by David Stoner


I was walking around an arboretum today and I saw the white snow resting on the tips of the branches of trees, nature thriving all around me, and rays of sunshine shining through the cold branches.

It was almost impossible not to sit back and think about how God made all of the trees, snow, animals, and for the sake of not listening too many things--the whole world. I then got more intrigued, so I started to do research on just how big our world is in hope of learning something cool about God. What I found is breathtaking:


The Earth is pretty big. With a diameter of around 8,000 miles, it would take a very long time for anyone to travel around it. The Earth's moon is around 238,855 miles away from Earth and happens to be the closest planet to it. Saturn, which is around 1 billion miles away from Earth (yes billion) would be able to hold 764 Earths inside of it. If you haven't yet understood just how big our universe is, think about this: the sun is 94 million miles away from us and could hold around one million Earths. However, the sun is just a speck in our galaxy, which is just one of 2 trillion (with a 't') of the known galaxies. To put it extremely lightly, our universe is pretty big.


But you know what, OUR GOD IS BIGGER.


"In the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth'' - Genesis 1:1


The first words of the Bible tell us a huge fact that should be enough to make anyone stand in awe of Him. That fact is that our God, the same God who cares about every little detail in your life, created the mass universe that is bigger than anyone can comprehend. Let that sink it. That God, who you have the opportunity to know and serve, created all the trillions and gazillions of miles of matter that exist in our universe. And even better news is that He loves you, created you, and wants you to thrive. I pray that today you are reminded of just how big our God is, and commit to serving Him in a new way. There is no stopping our God but we have the opportunity to serve Him and join Him in His work knowing that He is more powerful than anything we could ever fear and loves us more than we could ever know.



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