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by Mia Carrasco


Over the past year, my sense of community has looked really different. I know that personally, COVID-19 has led to cancelled plans, distance (both physical distance, and emotional distance) between friends and family, and for some the loss of loved ones.

I think that one area of my life, and maybe yours, that has been seriously altered is the aspect of community, especially in my daily activities.


Before COVID-19 and quarantine I was in the middle of my first semester at my university. I was living in a dorm on campus at the time. Prior to the pandemic, I was able to meet up with friends from school and from the Christian ministry at my school anytime I wanted. When I lived on campus I was only an elevator ride or a five minute walk from my friends. My community at school was always nearby, so it seemed as if I grew closer to them naturally.


However, by mid-March 2020 we went into quarantine. So everyone in my community was spread out throughout my state. This meant we were no longer a short walk away, it also meant we would have to rethink how we interacted. We all wanted to stay close together and maintain our community. We also understood that community is super important and it can also guide us into a deeper relationship with Christ.


In Proverbs 27:17 it states: "Iron sharpens Iron, and one sharpens another." This reminds us that healthy, strong, and Godly relationships are important to help us grow closer to Christ. This is because friendships are great ways to be kind and hold each other accountable to living for Christ.


In Hebrews 10:24 it states: "And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works." This speaks to the importance of encouraging each other in good deeds. This can also mean encouraging our friends to follow and obey Christ.


Both of these verses are a great reminder of the importance of Christ centered friendships and community. These verses also encourage me, and hopefully you as well. They remind me that placing effort into my friendships is super important. Even in the midst of quarantine, social distancing, and living hours away from friends, these verses remind me that God moves in the midst of unknowns. I'm also reminded that God uses Christ-centered communities and friendships to strengthen our relationship with Him. Our friendships are ways that we can love others and work to glorify Christ.



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